Nyebe is a ballad that encapsulates warmth, longing and sadness in a track. This visualizer is a collaborative effort from the people behind the WYAT International Tour. Footage taken by the team are to define one’s yearning for a little ray of hope amid the cold light of day. WYAT HOMECOMING CONCERT

— Artist: SB19 Produced by Black Star Entertainment & 1Z Entertainment MUSIC VIDEO Creative Director: John Paulo Nase (SB19) Executive Producer: J Pinto Line Producer: DK Producer: Xi-Anne Avanceña Production Manager: DK, Rhanica Restrivera PR and Marketing: Rhanica Restrivera Creative Head and Visual Branding: Xi-Anne Avanceña MUSIC Written by: John Paulo Nase (SB19) Produced by: John Paulo Nase (SB19), Thyro Alfaro Mixed By: Thyro Alfaro, Heo Chan-goo @ Knob Sound Korea Mastered By: Heo Chan-goo @ Knob Sound Korea Videos and Photos By: WYAT International Touring Team John Paulo Nase (SB19) Josh Cullen Santos (SB19) Stellvester Ajero (SB19) Felip Jhon Suson (SB19) Justin de Dios (SB19) Xi-Anne Avanceña J Pinto DK Rhanica Restrivera Leah Gonzales Benedict Manaois Loraine Macatangay Mac Igarta Mark Familara Tsung Han Lu Richard Garcia Special thanks to: ShowBT Philippines Charles Kim Sony Music Philippines Roslyn Pineda Maan Atienza Realbros Miller PR Geloy Concepcion Mikko Angeles Creative Associates: Chloe B., Jazz S. Trix Rodriguez Esty Bagos Soudcloud Events Chato Risi Starmedia Entertainment Janine and Anna Puno CNCA Chris Andoy LX2 Entertainment GEMS Terence Tan Jasper Entertainment Paulita Broderick Friends & Family A’TIN Follow SB19's SNS for more updates: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SB19Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SB19Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialsb19/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@officialsb19 Spotify: https://www.bit.ly/SB19onSpotify