The emperors of Pinoy POP music once again trends online and earned praises as they released their latest single, "MAPA."

After 'WHAT?", the newest track is the band's most special eulogy to the people who have helped them and are the pillar of their lives, their "ma" and "pa."

From their recent interview with GMA News, member Pablo shares:

"With our mapa, we will never get lost because we have our parents."

"This time gusto namin sabihin na, "ma, magpahinga ka naman, ako naman."

He added that if you listen to the song, you'll feel hints of nostalgia.

MAPA is the Filipino translation of the English word map. Thus, making the song befitting and affect every person who hears it.

Are there "easter eggs" that fans may catch a glimpse of from their videos or album? Which the group cheekily answered that yes, there are.

"Naglalagay kami ng clue sa mga ginagawa namin para po mas lagyan ng flavor or get interaction with the fans."

"Mahilig po silang mag dissect ng kung anu-ano."


Justin says sometimes they cannot help but feel pressured knowing that their fans are great with theories.

The group also celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend and the shared letters they've written for their parents with #DEARMaPa.

SB19's devoted fandom, A'TIN, did not hesitate to join the campaign and wrote notes for their moms and dads.

The lyric video for SB19 MAPA now has 304,333 with 74K likes since its premiere 14 hours ago.

The comments under the lyric video are emotionally overwhelming. Of course, A'TIN is always proud of its emperors. However, it's an astounding sight to see that the group has touched many people, to open their hearts and appreciate all the hardships, care, and love their parents gave them.

Watch the lyric video here.

For the full interview, click here.

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