SB19 re-records ‘MAPA’ with Ben&Ben is something you would not have expected but badly need at the same time!

Giants in the Philippines’ Music Industry

SB19 and Ben&Ben, are without any doubt, one of the many giants in the Philippines’ music industry. These group’s styles differ, but it didn’t stop them from re-record SB19 hit single ‘MAPA’ under Sony Music.

SB19 debuted in 2018 as a five-member Pinoy boy band, the representatives of Pinoy pop (P-pop). The group participates in creating their music in vast genre diversities like pop-rock, hip-hop, EDM, ballad, and R&B.

Ben&Ben became active in the music scene back in 2015, but under a different name, ‘The Benjamins.” They are a folk-pop/pop-rock band and, at the moment, the most-streamed Filipino acts on Spotify.

Both groups have earned awards for their talents and skills. And to watch and hear them perform an astoundingly soul-enriching rendition of ‘MAPA’ is paradisiacal.

How did the collaboration happen?

The Philippines’ and Vice President, Business Development, Asia, and Sony Music’s General Manager, Roslyn Pineda, revealed that the clamor for #SBen19 had been loud since 2020.

Pineda disclosed in an interview that SB19 had plans to offer a band rendition of ‘MAPA.’ 

“And Ben&Ben said yes in a heartbeat, which perhaps shouldn’t have come as a surprise given their ‘Ma, may ___ na kami’ captions on social media that make their devotion to their parents’ public knowledge.”

“As their label, it was wonderful for us to see SB19 and Ben&Ben get along so well. And when they performed together on one stage, I don’t think anyone could deny—it was pure magic!”

Ben&Ben had the complete trust from SB19 to rearrange the material. It was a fantastic moment showing the mutual trust and respect for everyone working together as both groups create visions.

Don’t you think that’s one of the best and iconic versions of ‘MAPA’? Watch it here.